Walking to Work

I got off the bus one stop early today, because I wanted to treat myself to a cup of coffee. I consider it a luxury, as I am trying to curb unnecessary spending and rebuild my savings. In my world, $2.45 for a tall cup of coffee won’t upset the delicate balance of my universe, but it could make a world of difference to someone else.

Here’s what I saw on my way to work this morning:

  • A mother with two young kids who could not speak english trying to get an all-day pass on the bus, but didn’t have exact change for bus fare. (The driver let her ride anyway.)
  • An old man walking down the mall talking to himself.
  • A young disabled man walking down the mall. (I considered that in spite of his impairment, that he may have been on his way to work. He might even own his own business.)
  • A homeless man stopped, looked into a trash can, pulled out a bag that had a food container in it and started to unwrap the bag to see what might have been left behind.

I’m glad my eyes were open this morning. It made me realized, I have it pretty good.

Image credit: Nirzar

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