Today’s Kids

We often lament how different kids are today from the children of 20 and 30 years ago. Youth of the past went outside and played. They caught fireflies, played hopscotch and double dutch, stickball in the street and ran through the sprinklers on hot summer days. Today’s kids are computer and social networking experts. They are gamers and New Age Parental Tech Support. They are practically born with technology in their hands, and have a tendency to miss things happening right in front of them. My generation and the generation before mourns the loss of childhood of our children and grandchildren. We wish they engaged and connected they way we used to when we were their age.
I saw something yesterday morning that gave me some hope. Three kids, got on the bus this morning. They ranged in age from about 8 to 13 years old. They got on the bus quietly, headed to the back, and remained quiet until their stop. I almost forgot that they were on the bus. They got off at their stop, and headed in the direction of their school. The seemed to get off the bus in chronological order, oldest to youngest. I watched as the oldest boy bent down while he was walking and plucked a fluffy white dandelion from the ground. His sister and brother followed his lead and grabbed two more.
I loved catching a glimpse of that moment. It put a smile on my face to witness that kids still found fascination in something and simple as making a wish and blowing those fluffy white seeds off the stem. It was beautiful to see that kids are still kids.
Photo Credit: Steven Depolo

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