Don’t Look Back

Lot’s Wife, Marsden Bay, by Andrew Curtis, CC BY-SA 2.0

I’d been warned to not look back.
“You’ll turn into a bitter pillar of salt
like Lot’s wife!
Keep moving forward!”
I didn’t believe them.
I stopped,
Turned around,
and considered what was,
and what could have been.
I got lost in trying to find
a solution to a puzzle
that had a dozen of missing pieces.
My feet stopped moving,
I forgot about the future,
my heart searching for green pasture
in what I knew to be a barren landscape.
By the time I escaped
my melancholy reverie,
goodness and fullness passed me by
and left me standing alone,
somewhere between hope and despair.
Learn my lesson well,
Don’t look back
to times and places,
that have been burned
and reduced to dust.
Keep moving forward,
toward fruitful places,
lest you be like Lot’s wife,
a bitter pillar of salt.


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