I’ve taken on a challenge to post something every day for the month of August. I’m wondering why I did it. I know why I did it, why I need to do this, but I’m tired. I was tired when I started. Somehow, I always end up doing this to myself: biting off more than I can chew. But today, I’m giving myself permission to take a break. (I’ll be honest, it feels like I’m cheating on the challenge.) Creating a fresh and engaging story, or finding something interesting and though provoking to discuss is tiring! Be not deceived! Writing ain’t easy! I’m going to take a few days and mentally rest. Rest, will do me some good, right now.

I’ll be coloring in my pillow fort, if you’re looking for me.

Pillow Fort by David Sprankle

5 thoughts on “Tired

  1. I hear you! I go thru the same situation. I am taking writing classes online for free to overcome this challenge of writing issues. Also I know that has time for everything. Rest and Work. Seasons to rest, seasons to write, seasons for energy… you will to well. God Bless you.

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