Snowy Road Ahead

I was supposed to share my lesson with you yesterday, but I was beat! I needed to rest. So here’s what happened:

I woke up Saturday morning to discover that it snowed over night. I’d heard rumors of a named snow storm heading in my direction, but thought nothing of it after checking the maps. It was only supposed to touch the lower portion of the state. Apparently, Management has other things in mind. I was frustrated and in irritated because I had stuff to do! It seemed that this storm took the neighborhood by surprise. Nothing was salted or plowed. I slid out of the driveway and into traffic twice. Thank God there weren’t any cars coming when that happened.

As I drove my daughter to work, I noticed that the side of the road I was driving on was clear, but the other side was not. I pointed this out to my daughter. But as soon as I started to point this out, I stopped.
“What’s wrong?”
“I was about to get upset that the other side of the road wasn’t cleared yet, but I’m not on that side of road. I don’t need to worry about it. The side that I’m on is clear.” The side I was on was the only thing I needed to worry about.

That lesson smacked me in the head. HARD!!!  And guess what? By the time I got back on the other side of the road to head home, it was clear. I had nothing to worry about. 🙂

Photo Credit: Nike Writes

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