Happiness Thieves

It happens every holiday. The holiday thieves come out of the woodwork to steal your happiness and enlighten you as to why you need to be as “woke” (meaning enlightened, mentally and spiritually evolved) as they are. If you celebrate a religious holiday like Christmas or Easter, you are labeled as “sheeple,” and pretty much called stupid for daring to celebrate these religious traditions for various reasons that they have spent countless hours researching. It’s a little worse when days like Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day roll around. The “too woke” crew starts barking about how it’s just a holiday created by the candy industry to take your money, and how you shouldn’t need a holiday to remind you to tell someone you love them. If you really love a person you should give them flowers every day! Say, “I love you,” everyday. (How many times have you seen one of these “too woke” people holding a bouquet of roses and professing their love to anyone on a non-holiday? Yeah…my point exactly!!!)

It’s sad, because these “Too Woke” folk come off as angry and unhappy. (I’m sure they have a few good days, here and there.) They are always finding fault with everyone else’s joy. So what if I spend MY hard earned dollars on some cheap chocolate and flowers on a designated day of the year? The problem is, you’re TOO WOKE! Lack of sleep makes you cranky (and quite annoying to the rest of us well rested folk)! So, to all of you “Too woke” people that may read this, I encourage you to look at this Valentine’s Day as a day of rest. Take a chill pill. Meditate on happy things (please). Read a book and continue your course on February 15 when the celebration of love is over. Buy some discount candy on the 15th and experience some of the love you’ve been missing. Share some of your discounted candy haul with your significant other and see what happens.

And for all my “sheeple” out there, I wish you much love!



5 thoughts on “Happiness Thieves

  1. Look here. Don’t be talkin’ about me in public. We ‘posed to keep our family issues private! Here you come blasting our differences all over the wires. Yes, we see holidays differently. But it ain’t cause I’m miserable or wanna make you miserable. I just need a hug more than 5 times per year, ya know? Can a sista get a hug on a Wednesday maybe?? Or a Monday morning before work? Jeez! Next time we have this break down between us, come to me and bring a damned hug rather than yo bitterness about my opinions about holidays. *walking away twitching behind*

    Oh, and Baaaaaaaaa!

    1. FIRST of all, Miss Lady, you are 12 days late with this comment! And how are you going request hugs on a Wednesday or Monday morning? That’s scheduling affection, just like….A HOLIDAY!! >>insert snarky face here<<

      Second of all…this is payback for all the smart-alecky comments I leave on your page, right? Well played, Ma'am! Well played! LOL!

  2. 12 days indeed. Since i don’t celebrate holidays, it wouldn’t have been appropriate to respond on Valentine’s Day Eve, on Valentine’s Day, or after Valentine’s Day (Red Friday…yes, I just made that up). In the true spirit of staying away from holidays, I gave a little breathing room, to prove my point. I think I did well. Although, there is some symbolism in the number 12, but it was not my intention. I tried.

    I didn’t say WHAT time on Wednesday or Monday. So technically, it hasn’t been scheduled. Besides, I am not averse to accepting my hug on other days of the week. I take them on Leap Years as well. Don’t forget to bring me a nice big sunflower along with the hug. And you don’t need to advertise it on TV or make a commercial for it, OR put up your intentions in the front store window. No one needs to know. It can be between us..

    As for your second thought, um, no. Now why would I do such a HORRIBLE thing as pay YOU back for smart-aleck remarks on my Facebook page. Little old meeee? Vindictive? Say it isn’t so! You shall not believe such a thing about me. You shall NOT! I am SO above such nonsense my dear. I am all about love and flowers and rainbows every day of the week, remember??

    365 Day Flower Child

    1. Ok…so lemme get this right: 12 days past the holiday, symbolic time span – unintentional, (you do know holidays typically start at midnight and end at 11:59pm…just sayin’), YOU WANT A SUNFLOWER?! (how you gonna ask for a gift on a non-holiday?! Just breakin’ all kinds of protocol!!!), you DEFINITELY need a hug, you’re not vindictive aaaannnnnd love, rainbows and flowers…alright….I’ll let you have that…lol!

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