Sticks and Stones (Words)

Yesterday was a busy day! I didn’t get to post my poem for NaPoWriMo for Day 9. Make your words sweet like honey, for you will be the first to taste them!

Sticks and stones, may break my bones…

Were words that we were taught

To tamp down the pain

Of toxic words that sliced

Spirit, heart and soul,

But never held the verbal assailant accountable.

Stick and stones, may break bones,

But words can be a millstone,

Holding one down

Causing him to drown

For years under depression and sorrow.

Whether spoken or scribed

Words have the power to give life,

Or slaughter in the simplest phrase.

A harsh word can be a prison.

A kind word, fertile ground for growing.

May your words cause growth

Cast no stones with your speech.

Lest your words return to you

To fulfill their purpose.

Speak life.

Always, speak life.

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