What else has Nike written? Glad you asked! Take a look below! Click the links for more details.



Persistence of Vision, poetry collection published 2009 is Nike’s first published work.


I Am Royalty 3 is a collection of the biographies of positive role models to inspire young black men and women to greatness.


For This Cause Writers Unite anthology is a collection of short stories and poetry written by members of the Steamy Trails writing group.


Put the kids to bed, get a tall glass of ice water and turn on the fan! Erotic Tranquility is HOT!


Jack-o’-lantern Tales of Treats and Tricks, is an anthology of scary stories told in just 100 words.

3 thoughts on “Books

  1. Dear Nike B. Marshall,
    Hello! My name is Daniel L. Lanier III & I read your book that you gave me with an autograph 7-years ago and I like
    your poems and I am saving it for the New York Film Academy in Union Campus in Manhattan, NY as I study to become a screenwriter for 2-semesters into my general studies of screenwriting courses as I am doing very well in college at Wilmington University-N.C.C.! I believe that I can use your Poetry book to turn into a movie based on your life as a poetist and author by scripts with your permission through the copyright laws with A.A.- Literature!
    Can you get my in touch with the Contributing Artist of your book miss Kayla Stern that goes to the DE college of Art & Design to contact me on my cell phone so I can work with you and her on some more poems and songs to print and publish into books as I am working on my own to print and to publish etc.? On my Therapy Journals Pts. 1-22 series to write as completed, will you help me to print and publish my manuscripts on my books and my TAPFOR Brainstorming Plans for my storylines to my Christmas Children’s book for the Holidays of 2016 if we all can meet and greet to talk and discuss me being on your word press & Jazzy Kitty Publishing & Marketing LLC;
    Label to produce some Black Poems & Music together as a team of writers? I hope that you can help me with this project to add to your list of things to ask your publisher and editor to help me to get them done as needed!
    Sincerely, Daniel L. Lanier III !

    1. Daniel, I wrote your phone number down and I’ll be in touch with you soon. I have quite a bit going on right now! I’m glad to hear that you are in school and pursuing your film making and writing dreams! I’ll be in touch soon!

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