Why Loving You is Killing Me

We are tightly wound together

Bound forever by the heart.

You’ve forgotten

How much you need me

And don’t realize

How much I have left to teach you.

You want to run,

But haven’t even learned

How to roll over onto your tummy yet.

You aren’t strong enough

To hold your up.

But you think you’ve seen it all.

You don’t understand

The process of letting go.

You still want to run beyond the gate,

While still clinging to the edge of my apron.

You think the world

Is a glistening marble.

Even thought I’ve tried to tell you

It’s nothing more than jagged rocks

And rough waters.

You want to jump into the deep end of the pool

But think you’re drowning,

When standing in ankle deep water.

You’re a baby in an adult’s body

Demanding that I let you be you,

While you are led astray

By every gentle breeze,

Or seduced by every turn of phrase.

You don’t believe that I once stood

Where you are standing now,

Ready to take on the world

And not even knowing how to spell the word.

But this is life.

Neither one of us knows how live

Something we’ve never done before.

We muddle  through it the best way we know how.

But maybe we can do it without

Ripping each other’s heart out,

If we remember that

We are tightly wound together,

And connected by the heart.


Time for a Change!

So, what does one do when she can’t sleep even though she has a mile long list of things to do the following day? Why, she changes the theme on her blog, of course! (Duh!)

While I liked the colors on the previous theme, this one feels brighter and happier. It says, “Come on in! Take your shoes off (I just vacuumed)! Sit down, have some tea, stay a while! I insist!”

I moved the menu to the top so you will be able to find other pages and links a little better, and the slide show will show you the most recent and featured posts!

Isn’t change good? 🙂