Is My Child Next?

I’m sharing this post again. I received an interesting comment this morning about the picture I used. The verdict of ‘not guilty’ in the George Zimmerman case earlier this week has a lot of people either talking about race or trying to run from it. But in the words of Iyanla Vanzant, “Sometimes you have to call a ‘thing’ a ‘thing.’ That time is now.


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Be forewarned: This post is not for the faint of heart or anyone looking for my usual happy-go-lucky post. I’m speaking as a Black Parent.

On February 26, 2012, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot to death as he walked home. He wasn’t purchasing drugs. He wasn’t robbing anyone. He wasn’t a part of a gang. He was a straight A student, walking home from the store with a pack of candy and a beverage. A self-appointed neighborhood watch “captain”, George Zimmerman, saw a black male walking through HIS neighborhood and decided that the young man was up to no good. He followed him while he spoke with a 911 operator and shot the young man. He claimed he shot the unarmed teenager in self-defense. The police took him at his word. As of the date of this post, he has not been arrested.

Most of you already know that Trayvon…

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Half Way In

As I mentioned in January, this is the year of “letting go,” and things have been released.  I was laid off in January, and it was a good thing! It was what I needed to move forward and take on some important projects.  I’m working in a great place, close to home, and it offers me the flexibility I need to take care of my family and focus on the building some lasting resources for the future. So, half way into this New Year things are coming together.

I’ve prayed for several years about a career in non-profit, and it’s happening.  I’m excited about working with a group that provides needed services to the surrounding community.  There is nothing better than an answered prayer!

The recent lay-off has also given me the time and mental space to hunker down and write! And much writing has been happening!  I’ll be sharing some of my published and un-published pieces at Kirkwood Library at the end of the month.  I’m looking forward to sharing my work at this event!

I have to say, half way into this New Year, my glass is more than 1/2 and on its way to overflowing! I hope the same is true for you!



Six Months – A story snippet

This is a snippet of a story that I am working on. I decided to do it as a video just to mix things up a bit. Mixing things up – that’s ok, right? Here is the story. I’m looking forward to your feedback!