Love and Letting Go

I’m trying to pick up where I left off with the A to Z Challenge, but a few of my short stories are taking on a life of their own, which is good and bad. I’m trying to post daily not weekly! 😀  So, below you will find my very touching “L day” submission. Grab some Kleenex. Happy reading! ❤


Love Letter
Love Letter


April 15, 2014

Dear John,

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to spend any quality time together, our lives being so busy and all. You have classes to teach and children to manage on your own, while taking care of your parents. I have my children and their after school activities, my ailing parents and my own health challenges to worry about.  We both put so much time into our respective households that there isn’t much room left for us. You would think that as single parents we’d find a way to balance each other out, support each other.  Other couples do it all the time, but they aren’t us. Our circumstances are unique and extremely challenging.

I’m glad you responded to my email today and filled me in on what’s going on with you. I wish we could have had the discussion face to face or by phone. I needed to hear your voice, but I guess our conflicting schedules make things difficult to coordinate.

There never is a really good time or a good way to end a relationship, especially when two people genuinely love each other. I know you love me, and I love you, but I have to agree with you, we have too much on our plates to have a functional, healthy relationship. There aren’t enough hours in the day to meet the needs of our respective families and have something left to offer each other.

It breaks my heart that we had to end things. I’m trying not to cry. I’m trying to be ok with it, but it still hurts so much.  Sometimes, the most loving thing you can do for a person is let them go. I consider this breakup a loving gesture.

I hope the road forward for you smooths out and the drama dies down. You deserve peace and happiness.

I will always love you. Always,


Image credit: Photo5_Red_Ribbon by Julie Edgley