Winter So Cold

Have you ever wondered why winter is so cold?
It’s Spring’s fault.
Let me tell you why.
Everyone celebrates Spring’s warmth and beauty.
Everyone celebrates her gift of renewal.
Everyone celebrates the way she ushers
Color and light and sound into the atmosphere and environment.
No one thanks Winter for preserving the ground
and giving the earth rest.
Not even humans can stay awake for 24 hours.
Spring is celebrated when she shows her face in the middle of earth’s slumber,
As if she is an unexpected gift,
When she is really an alarm clock that went off too soon.
But when Winter extends her stay,
She is admonished and told to go away.
And so after Spring, Summer, and Autumn have had their chance to play,
Winter enters silently with a cold and icy demeanor.
Without a backward glance,
She blankets the earth with frost to protect the seed and the bud.
She ignores the demands of a white holiday.
She only snows if she feels like it.
And when Spring comes in with all the fanfare and flourish,
Winter, most often, leaves with silence and grace,
Having set the stage for her sister’s arrival. 


Sometimes I Think About You

I wonder if you remember my name,
my favorite color, my favorite foods,
my favorite song.
Do you recall the plans we made?
The talks about the house we would buy,
and the porch we would sit upon
on warm summer nights,
watching the fireflies perform
and the scent of honeysuckle
wafting on warm lingering breezes
while we shared a tall glass of lemonade.
I remember.
Do you remember our six month anniversary?
You thought it was silly
but bought me flowers anyway
and pretended to be upset
when you realized I hadn’t bought you any.
Remember how you laughed later that day
when I gave you a homemade anniversary card?
I went back to my kindergarten-artist days
and broke out the construction paper,
crayons, glue and glitter.
I even misspelled a few words
just for poops and giggles.
I remember that you kept that silly thing
tucked into the frame of the mirror on your dresser.
You had a picture of us tucked into that frame, too.
I remember the day you said goodbye.
That’s the story I tell people, anyway.
We ended on quiet, friendly terms.
The truth is, you just went away.
You gave no explanation.
I was left with hundreds of promises
you made to my heart,
that would never be fulfilled.
I wonder if you ever felt guilt or shame about that?
I guess it doesn’t matter.
You left me with only one choice:
To remember the good times,
and to look forward to the future.

I is for: I Will Tell You a Truth


I will tell you a truth:

You will get hurt.

Bones will snap.

Skin will bruise.

The heart will ache.

It has to happen

And if it doesn’t,

You may want to ask yourself

If you are really living.

I will tell you a truth

I learned from watching father.

He was working in the garden

And he pruned my favorite tree.

He cut a branch and left a stub.

Then he cut it again.

And then once more closer to the trunk.

I thought of how it felt

When a new wound was touched

Or reopened.

I thought he hurt the tree

So I cried.

He told me the branch was dead

And that dead branches

Hinder growth.

Did you hear that?

Dead branches hinder growth.

I will tell you a truth.

I know you are looking for answers.

I’ve been broken and bruised.

I’m healed and living.

The dead branch was removed

And I’m growing.


I will tell you a final truth.

Dead things stay dead.

Dead things get buried

And they don’t rise again.

Living things continue to grow

As long as they are cared for

And pruned from time to time,

They will continue to grow.

They will continue to flourish.



Alone I arrived,

And the same way I’ll die.

No one for company

While I grew inside.

But alone is not lonely,

Do not be so fooled.

Lonely feels hollow,

While alone is yet full.

Alone with my thought,

My desires and dreams,

I’ve discovered the life

I want and need.

Not introverted or selfish,

In solitude am I.

I’ve just learned to

Embrace solitude

And savor quiet time.

When all others fail me

Or leave me excluded

I won’t fret over the loss.

I will embrace my seclusion.

Alone is not lonely,

Do not be deceived.

For when I’m alone,

I learn more about me.
Walking Alone by Mashat