Behind the Scenes

This weekend was a wash. As you notice, there were no blog posts on Saturday and Sunday. I couldn’t pull myself together enough to finish a post. I was mentally tired. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t write anything. I took the time to plan what I would post next (including this). At least one piece will be posted over on Medium, and I’m working out the kinks on the other stories.

So, stay tuned! There is more to come! I’m not done with this blog challenge, yet!

A photo by Aaron Burden.



Sometimes the issue isn’t not having enough to write, it’s having too many things (writing related and non-writing related) rolling about in your head at once!

Today was one of those days. :-/

I’m going to try again tomorrow.


Writing Is Easy

Ok. I’m being sarcastic. For this round of the 30 blog day challenge, I’m trying to write things ahead of time. In the wee hours of this morning, I wrote two short stories. Please notice that neither one of those stories are posted here. They aren’t good enough….yet. Instead of working on them for the rest of the day, I spend the day thinking about them. (Which is still writing.) I was thinking as I put together a book shelf. (That’s writing, too.) That’s how writing works sometimes. It’s a lot of thought, with spurts of writing in between. The actual writing might not happen until 3 a.m. Or it might be several solid hours note taking, brainstorming, talking to myself and actual writing. It’s never easy, but when the story does finally come together it’s a relief!

So…I guess I better get back to writing!


Throwback Thursday

Yes, it’s still a thing! 😀

The Post-A-Day Blog Challenge is almost over and I am patting myself on the back for keeping up with it! So, just in case you missed it, I am going to recap and list what I’ve posted so far.  Here goes!

  • I started this challenge a day late with my first post in 3 months, Back To Life.
  • If you are into Science Fiction, you might enjoy Ripples. (I plan on continuing this story! Part 2 is coming soon!)
  • I’ve been trying to write a story to the picture featured in this post for AGES! It finally came together! If you are into Women’s Fiction, Sound Sleeper is for you!
  • I shared a link to a vlog about a saddening incident that occurred in my community. It’s worth hearing what this vlogger has to say about being Black In America.
  • If you have a writer, painter, singer, or artist of any type in your sphere, you NEED to understand how to care for them! They are fragile creatures! Take a moment to read The Care and Feeding of Your Creative One, then apply the lessons learned. They will thank you.
  • I haven’t written a poem in a while. Step by Step was inspired by a scripture that says, “don’t despise a day of small beginnings.” Take a read! Be inspired!
  • The Painting is a story about a budding romance. The image selected was the inspiration for this story.
  • So far, Hell Hound, is my favorite post in this challenge! I let my hair down and let my twisted sense of humor come out to play! 😀 This was inspired by two writing prompts. Take a read if you are looking for a laugh!
  • Another post inspired by a writing prompt that asked a simple question: When was the last time you said, “I love you.” You may need a Kleenex for this one.
  • I needed to vent. So this post is about how Tired I was. I was having a challenging existence and you all are great listeners. Thank you for being there!
  • Dear Vonnie was last week’s Throwback Thursday #TBT post. It’s a snippet of a larger story. In this tale, a mother is seeking forgiveness from her estranged daughter.
  • Peace is a post that is all about you. Protect your emotion space, friend.
  • 20 is a reflective post about my daughter crossing the threshold into a new decade.
  • It’s Not My Time is my philosophy on being content with the season you are in. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this piece!
  • Carry My Burdens Away was inspired by another writing prompt. This story touches a lot of things: The danger of keeping traditions of tradition’s sake, sacrifice, shunning, assisted suicide…
  • And finally, The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…no…not Christmas, but the first day of school! Congrats to all you parents who survived the summer!

The Challenge continues! Be sure to tune in tomorrow! I have NO IDEA what I am going to write, yet! But I’m sure I’ll come up with something interesting! Until tomorrow, good night!


Way Behind

person writing

April is always a busy time of year, for me. I seem to always have a number of other writing commitments and personal tasks that crop up during this time of year, and knowing this, I still add my unofficial participation in the A to Z Blog Challenge to my list. (Unofficial, because I know I’ll end up falling behind.) I tried people. I tried! I didn’t even make it half way through the alphabet this year. I’m glad I posted as much as I did, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t do more! 😦

What this means is that I need to plan better for 2017. (Yes, I am crazy enough to try this again!) That planning process starts NOW! I’ll get a new A to Z list started, and write some poems and short stories that will be all cleaned up and ready share by this time next year. I  think I might plan to participate in Camp Nano, too. (I know. I just went from “crazy” to stark raving mad!) In the meantime, I’ll continue to drop drips and drabs for the 2016 challenge into the month of May. Stay tuned! A to Z isn’t over for me!!



K is for Keeping Up

Keeping up


I’m having a great time with the A to Z Challenge. It’s really forced me to stretch myself to come up with continuous content for my blog.

The biggest challenge has been to create and post in alphabetical order. I hope those of you that are following these posts don’t think that I don’t know the alphabet based on the order of my posts. I know my alphabet! I really do!  But this is a part of being creative, right? I’ve actually been digging through old notebooks and working on abandoned pieces as well as stumbling on pieces that I just wasn’t ready to share at the time.

So, as of now, I have the letters E, G, H, Q, V, W, X (what on EARTH am I going to do for ‘X’?!), Y and Z, to complete. The post for ‘H’ is coming next! I am determined to finish this challenge, even if it spills over into the month of May!

Thank you all for following the blog, liking my posts and commenting. I am LOVING the feedback!

F is for Failure


Failure is not what I really planned to write about on my “F” day for the A to Z blog challenge.  I should be posting my “E” day post, but I’m still working on it. It’s bigger than I intended and may not be posted until “Z” Day.  Life has gotten in the way of my writing time. It’s difficult to settle the mind and create when stressed.  But I am pressing forward! So this week, look forward to double posts and possibly triple posts while I catch up on the challenge!  I’m not giving up on this challenge!!

Rest Well My Friend

Even though we all understand that we will not walk this earth forever, it’s always a shock to the system when you hear about the loss of one to whom you are connected.  I found out on Saturday that friend from my social network passed away.  He crossed my mind just a few days before I received the bad news.  I intended to contact him and see how he was doing, if he was working on anything new.  It wasn’t meant to be.

He was one of the first people I met online when I began blogging and social networking.  Although I never met him face to face, he left a wonderful impression.  He was a kind and gentle soul.  He was very proud of his family.  He expressed how much he loved his parents, his kids, grandkids and friends often.  He loved jazz music and was absolutely passionate about poetry.  He was an amazing writer and an encouraging teacher.  He taught me a lot about voice and flow and introduced me to new styles of poetry.  He was always willing to collaborate and connect with other writers and authors.

I’m grateful to have met him, collaborate with him on more that one occasion.  I am even more grateful that he left pieces of himself behind, in volumes of poetry, for us to enjoy and remember him.

Rest in Peace Gene

You Are the Reason
Collaboration by Nike & EbonyPoet

I watch you silently as you sleep
And consider what has brought you to me.
I never thought that we could be
In this place again.

Friends for so long, but kept far apart
You always had a place in my heart.
It seems we have a brand new start.
Is this really our destiny?

Your very presence gives me hope
In a time of life when such thought seems remote.
Your very being is like a lifeboat
Sailing me to safety.

You are the reason I dare to hope
I dare to dream
I dare to feel
I dare to imagine that love is real.
You are the reason I dare to hope.


When love brings me doubt
You give me hope again
To share, to give, to embrace love
To give my heart and soul to only you

We make love, we share love
We give in to all the possibilities of love
Like two ships sailing in the night
Destination love’s elegant shores

What is desire?
If I do not have you next to me
What is passion
If it is not you that awakens my senses

You turn my doubts to hope
You give meaning to love
And as long as I have your heart and soul
Love will always blossom for us

You are the reason…

©2008-08-17 Collaboration by Nike & EbonyPoet
All rights reserved

Writing in Spurts

Well, I never did manage to barricade myself in my bedroom.  Sigh….but I have managed to get some writing done!  It’s been in spurts, but spurts are better than absolute drought!  What I have discovered is that I just have to TAKE the time to write.  I could stay on my knees and beg God for the 16 additional hours I need in a day to get everything done, but He simply is not going to upset the delicate balance of the universe to accommodate my writing schedule.  

One of the things that I have gotten back into is reading.  I sacrifice sleep to read the printed word, but I feel a little more complete.  The alligator bags under my eyes are a non-issue.  A little black coffee and I barely feel the effects of fatigue!  During the day, I devour audio books!  Right now, I’m enjoying a series by Darynda Jones.  I’ve read (listened to) her books: First Grave on the Right and Second Grave on the Left.  I love her writing style!  Mystery, romance and a touch of the paranormal, well blended with quippy humor and sarcasm.  They did a great job selecting the narrator for the audio book.  She really brought the characters to life.  I’m hooked on this series!  I’m already trying to figure out the cast to the movie/television series!  I also read (listened to) The Consequences of Love: A Novel by Sulaiman Addonia.  This was the best love story I’ve read in a very long time.  It doesn’t have a happy ending…it’s a sad, but hopeful ending.  That is all I will say about it!  You have to read it for yourself!  I am currently reading Pious by Kenn Bivins.  I started reading it a few months ago, but I just can’t get into a comfy reading position with the laptop.  I finally invested in a nook this week and started reading the book. once more, from the beginning.  I’ll be sure to add it to my list!

With regard to “taking the time to write,” I am actually working the piece that I pulled from Mitch Albom’s book, Have A Little Faith. My character has quite a story to tell. I think it will move you. (Nope…I can’t tell you anything else about the story! 🙂 I will, however, share a poem with you a little later on. I decided to stretch myself and write something on the more sensual side…it’s not freaky or kinky…I’ll leave that to the pros! But I did come out of my shell with this piece. I think you all might like it.

Oh! If YOU know of any good audio books, pass it on! I’m always looking for something exciting to listen to while I work!

Alphabet Soup

Life often encroaches on my writing time. I usually find time to write just before bed, when things are quiet and I can write uninterrupted. Many times, I only manage to write a paragraph, or stanza or two, before the Sandman shows up and my eyelids close against my will. It’s frustrating to say the least. Today is one of those days. I’m physically exhausted, but the words are there, teetering on the razor blade edge of my mind. I can’t get to them. The words are floating around in my head like the noodles in alphabet soup. I don’t even know what “mood” I want to write. Should I do romance? Maybe drama….no…an empowering, “Black Girls Rock” type of piece! But no full sentences come. The rest of the words and the mood have settled and the bottom of the tomato broth. My hands are itching to type or write something!

This is part of the writing process: Writer’s block. (Or in my case: Writer’s Blur)
It happens, but thankfully, I have a few ways of dealing with it.

> Don’t write – That doesn’t sound like something a writer should say, but sometimes you really do need to take a break and come back to the piece when your mind is settled.

> Refer to the old notebooks – I have a collection of notebooks where I jotted full poems, random thoughts, bits and pieces of potential stories and poems. I didn’t think those things were any good back then, but sometimes one of those old thoughts hook up with a new idea and magic happens!

> Watch a documentary – I love watching documentaries about other people’s lives. That’s where I find the emotional “twist” to the stories and poems that I write. The film makers and the people in those films really go in deep. They don’t shy away from real emotions. Raw emotion is often the fuel that drives my writing.

> Read – Yup. Read. Explore how someone else constructed a story or poem. Think about their message. Compare it to my delivery. Usually, a good read will spur a new idea or simply relax me enough to allow creativity to flow freely again.

> Writing Prompts – A good prompt is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. I have several books that I refer to when I’m stuck for ideas. There are also a few websites that pretty good also. Mode Room Press has a great gadget on igoogle called, Writer’s Unblock Tool. It pulls together random phrases that you can use to create a story or poem.

> Blog – Yes. In case you didn’t realize it, this post exists because I have writer’s block. Blogging keeps me writing. My posts may not have a bless-ed thing to do with the story or poem I’m working on, but again, sometimes you need to step away and do something different to free your mind up.

The next time you find yourself suffering from writer’s block, give one of these tips a try. And if you have other suggestions on how to overcome writer’s block, help a sister out! Post them below! 😀 Alphabet soup