Pregnant with Hope

A good name is better than fine perfume and the day of death better than the day of birth.
Ecclesiastes 7:1, NIV

Dear Baby,

You’ll be here soon, in just a few weeks. I can’t wait to meet you and discover who you will become. Your dad and I decided not to find out if you are a boy or a girl before you were born. We want to be surprised. I’m in awe that I’ve been chosen to shape who you will be. I’m a little scared, too! I don’t always feel like I have it all together. I mess up often! But here I am, about to be responsible for another life. I don’t want to fail you.

Your great-grandma pointed something out to me. She said that in the bible it says that the day a person dies is better than the day they were born. She said to me, “You could be giving birth to hell on wheels! You don’t know who that baby is! He or she is a blank slate, so make sure you put some good stuff in that child, even before they breath outside of your womb.” I’m going to give you my best. I don’t want to think about your death. That’s a long way off. But I’m going to make sure that everyday between your first breath and your last is good…better than good.

I love you and look forward to meeting you,


Repost: Runaway

Today’s post is an excerpt from a collaborative work in progress. I can’t wait to discover the rest of this character’s story!

Imagine, if you will, that you were created in a lab, not born. When you opened your eyes for the first time, you were a full grown adult without any life experience. You were constructed for one purpose: to save the life of another human being. What happens to you once you’ve served your purpose? Will you accept your fate and be “decommissioned,” or will you fight for your life?

This woman refuses to go down without a fight! Read about it here: Runaway

African American Woman Silhouette

Excerpt: Persistence of Vision

The following is the title poem of my book, Persistence of Vision. I’m posting this as a response to the Daily Post Prompt to write about Vision.  The poem was inspired by three things:

  • A performance by The Blue Man Group called, “Rods and Cones.” This is where I first heard of the medical theory called, “persistence of vision.” (Their breakdown of the theory is far more entertaining that what you will find on wikipedia. Check it out!)
  • The belief that the Amish hold regarding having their pictures taken.
  • The I35W Bridge Collapse in Minnesota in 2007. One of the first responders to the catastrophe described trying to take pictures of how visually overwhelming the scene was by saying, “Some things are only meant for the eyes.”

I hope you enjoy this piece! (P.S. I’m going to file this under “V” for vision in the A to Z Blog Challenge!)

Persistence of Vision

The soul gets lost
when you try to still time.
Modern technology can’t
do the moment justice.
Some things
are only meant
for the eyes to receive.

The memory serves
as the best recorder.
It’s a broad canvas
that establishes the scenes
in proper emotional perspective.

Pictures, moving and still,
have their place.
They coax the memory,
which has been buried in time,
to awaken and recall
every movement and sound,
and smell and emotion,
so the soul can be stirred
and the heart can be moved
by the image once more.

Still, an image won’t fit in a frame.
Some things are only meant for the eyes.

Throwback Thursday Poetry

I’m continuing the #AtoZChallenge with P for poetry.

I stumbled upon this poem in the notes on my Facebook page. I wrote this piece in 2009 after releasing a few toxic people from my life. Sometimes, the people you love and care about are the ones that hurt you most. Letting them go isn’t cold blooded. It’s self care.

If you are dealing with toxic people in your life, may this poem, Thanks to You, offer you some strength and encouragement. Enjoy!

Here’s a little musical inspiration for you, too!

Flashback Friday: Eating Alone

Warning: You may need a Kleenex while reading this piece. It’s a bit of a tear-jerker.

Today’s piece was written a couple of years ago. My writing challenge was to write a story about eating alone. I read this piece today and can think of several more things to add (which would mean you’d need more tissue), but I’m going to let the original post stand as is. I’ll jot down my ideas and play around with this story in my spare time.:)

So, I present to you, Eating Alone. (I’ve added some music below to set the mood.)

Don’t Look Back


I’d been warned to not look back.
“You’ll turn into a bitter pillar of salt
like Lot’s wife!
Keep moving forward!”
I didn’t believe them.
I stopped,
Turned around,
and considered what was,
and what could have been.
I got lost in trying to find
a solution to a puzzle
that had a dozen of missing pieces.
My feet stopped moving,
I forgot about the future,
my heart searching for green pasture
in what I knew to be a barren landscape.
By the time I escaped
my melancholy reverie,
goodness and fullness passed me by
and left me standing alone,
somewhere between hope and despair.
Learn my lesson well,
Don’t look back
to times and places,
that have been burned
and reduced to dust.
Keep moving forward,
toward fruitful places,
lest you be like Lot’s wife,
a bitter pillar of salt.


Way Behind

person writing

April is always a busy time of year, for me. I seem to always have a number of other writing commitments and personal tasks that crop up during this time of year, and knowing this, I still add my unofficial participation in the A to Z Blog Challenge to my list. (Unofficial, because I know I’ll end up falling behind.) I tried people. I tried! I didn’t even make it half way through the alphabet this year. I’m glad I posted as much as I did, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t do more!😦

What this means is that I need to plan better for 2017. (Yes, I am crazy enough to try this again!) That planning process starts NOW! I’ll get a new A to Z list started, and write some poems and short stories that will be all cleaned up and ready share by this time next year. I  think I might plan to participate in Camp Nano, too. (I know. I just went from “crazy” to stark raving mad!) In the meantime, I’ll continue to drop drips and drabs for the 2016 challenge into the month of May. Stay tuned! A to Z isn’t over for me!!