Yes, it’s Thursday! Which means that I have been digging in the archives looking for a great post from the past to share with you. This poem about time seems to be fitting for the occasion! Enjoy!

Originally posted on Nikewrites Blog:

You’ve passed it by,

squandered it,

gave it away,

burned it,

and now you look back

and lament;

wasting eye water,

wishing to hold it in your hands once more.

But it’s gone!

I’ve stolen it!

It’s mine!

I hold it tight in my grasp and you will never get it back!

But I’m not so horrible.

There is more if you look.

Just know it is not available in surplus.

Supply is limited.

Grasp it and use wisely

or I’ll claim it as my own,


The Time Keeper The Time Keeper

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I is for: I Will Tell You a Truth


I will tell you a truth:

You will get hurt.

Bones will snap.

Skin will bruise.

The heart will ache.

It has to happen

And if it doesn’t,

You may want to ask yourself

If you are really living.

I will tell you a truth

I learned from watching father.

He was working in the garden

And he pruned my favorite tree.

He cut a branch and left a stub.

Then he cut it again.

And then once more closer to the trunk.

I thought of how it felt

When a new wound was touched

Or reopened.

I thought he hurt the tree

So I cried.

He told me the branch was dead

And that dead branches

Hinder growth.

Did you hear that?

Dead branches hinder growth.

I will tell you a truth.

I know you are looking for answers.

I’ve been broken and bruised.

I’m healed and living.

The dead branch was removed

And I’m growing.


I will tell you a final truth.

Dead things stay dead.

Dead things get buried

And they don’t rise again.

Living things continue to grow

As long as they are cared for

And pruned from time to time,

They will continue to grow.

They will continue to flourish.


If These Walls Could Talk


Today’s Throwback Thursday piece started with the phrase, “If these walls could talk,” and then took on a life of its own. Enjoy!

Originally posted on Nikewrites Blog:

Empty Room by Brad K. creative commons

Unspeakable things happened in this place. Things that I don’t want to remember, but I relive every day. People have come to this place to pray for me and apologize. They leave flowers and stuffed bears and balloons and candles. They try to tell me to move on. But, I can’t. I need them to listen. I just need them to listen.

I was brought to this place when I was five years old. I was told that it would be a nice place to live, and that I would have a new family that would love me and take care of me because my real mother could not. I remember crying, because my big sister, Karla, could not come with me. My new dad said she was too old and that they didn’t want a girl. My new mom didn’t say much. She had a kind face, but she…

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L is for Life Goes On

White Rose by FullmetalDevil, Deviantart.com

I looked over the lush green lawn scattered with headstones and through the wrought iron fence. Traffic flowed at it’s normal pace, the drivers oblivious to the fact that we were laying a citizen to rest. The irrational part of me wondered why they didn’t stop or at least show some reverence and drive by the cemetery slowly. I felt betrayed by them. I wonder if any of them said a prayer as they passed.

I turned my attention back to the graveside service. The Reverend started singing and everyone joined in. What have I to dread, what have I to fear, leaning on the everlasting arms? I have bless-ed peace with my Lord so near, leaning on the everlasting arms. I hadn’t been to church in quite some time, but I knew the song well. Mother sang it all the time. I missed her. I didn’t sing with them. I have a horrible singing voice. Everyone else raised their voices, clapped in rhythm and harmonized. A few family members raised their hands and shed tears. I swayed and let the rich sound of voices wash over me. The Reverend said a prayer. He talked about how short life is and the value of every moment, the importance of God in one’s life and eternal life. Then he extended an invitation to anyone who was not saved to accept Christ as their Savior and began to sing another hymn. No one stepped forward.

The graveside service ended with everyone placing a white rose on top of the casket and then they watched as it was lowered into the earth. The Reverend said a final blessing and everyone went back to their cars. I looked back toward to the fence. Cars and trucks still sped down the highway like nothing happened. The world only stopped for the family, and a little bit for me. I couldn’t be upset with the rest of the world for not stopping or slowing down to realize a soul had moved on. Life goes on, after all. My partner tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a shovel. “This body ain’t gonna bury itself. Let’s get this done and then we can go get some lunch,” he said. He was right. We got to work and quietly covered the grave.

Pied Piper


It’s Throwback Thursday once again and today I’m focussing on the letter “P.” This poem is from the 2014 A to Z Challenge. Enjoy…again! :D

Originally posted on Nikewrites Blog:

Pied_Pier by lilliesformary on Deviantart.comPied_Pier by lilliesformary on Deviantart.com

You were all things

Shiny and new.

Sweet and warm and tender.

You loved me.

And I loved you.

We were us in the most

Complete and beautiful way.

But you were skilled

In sleight of hand.

Showing me one thing

While doing another.

Smoke and mirrors

And hidden compartments.

I took it all in

Like a child full of wonder.

You enjoyed the show most.

You were like the piper

Playing a fine tune

And you came into my world

With enchanting sounds.

The melodies we shared,

I loved and cherished.

These were our songs,

About our love.

That are now echoes on the wind.

You vanished.

Disappeared like a fine mist.

No rhyme, no reason.

I’m left holding the bag

In which we placed

our most treasured moments

And dreams for the future

Your last words to me were,


You left me…

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D is for Dear Future Husband

Image by Neerav Bhatt

Image by Neerav Bhatt

Dear Future Husband,

I know that you are out there

Praying for me, your Future Wife.

I know you are strong and smart,

A provider and protector.

You will not bruise my body

Or leave my heart shattered.

You will see my worth

And celebrate it, cherish it.

My beloved Future Husband,

I pray for you daily.

I will care for your heart

Like it is my own.

I won’t just hear you,

I’ll listen to you.

I will not harm you

Or allow harm to come to you.

I will stand by your side.

I’ll hold you up when you feel weak

And be a safe and gentle place

When you are wary.

You are special to me, even now,

Before we ever meet.

Together, we will be unbreakable,

And unstoppable.

We will have each other’s back.

We will be faithful and loyal to each other.

We will be an example to our children

Of what a marriage with God at the center

Should be.

Dear Future Husband,

I’m here.

I’m waiting for you.


T is for Throwback Thursday: Unequivocally


T is for Throwback Thursday! Today’s post in the A to Z Challenge is a piece I wrote for the 2014 challenge. Enjoy!

Originally posted on Nikewrites Blog:

If you must love,

Go all in.

Don’t half step.

Love is not a pastime.

It is not hobby.

It is not a game.

It cannot be lit then smothered

Like the flame of a candle.

Love is the gift you give

to one you hold in high esteem.

If you must love,

Go all in.

Love with every fiber of your being.

Take off the mask.

Be transparent,

Naked, honest, unabashed

And vulnerable.

Love every part of your darling,

The beautiful parts

And the shattered pieces.

If you must love,

Go all in.

Love until your heart swells.

Love fearlessly, with forbearance.

Love tenderly and passionately.

Love in and out of season.

Love unequivocally.

Anything less,

Is not love at all.

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