I Might Let You Chase Me

I might let you chase me
if you knew the difference between diamonds and glass.
I might let you bask in my glow
if you understood that the green grass over there
is really just Astroturf.
If I was certain you understood the difference between dust and loam
I might allow you whisper my name.
But it seems you don’t fully comprehend
what you have in this woman.
If you knew, you would show me
how gold is refined,
and what it takes
transform slabs of marble
into perfect sculptures.
If you knew,
if only you knew,
I might slow my pace
so you catch a whiff of my essence.
And if by chance, you could explain
why trees grow in a way which defies the force of gravity,
I might let you hold my hand.
I might let you hold my heart,
and look into my eyes and tell me you love me.
If I thought you could handle the fullness of my spirit,
I’d let you wrap your arms around me.
But you can’t.
So you will never have me.

Nike Binger Marshall 2010 ©

art by Lee Ransaw

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